Our Products

​​Perfect for small to midsize operations.
One of the fastest and most accurate seeders available anywhere - at any price!

​Seeds watermelon to raw petunias in plug trays as well as cell packs. Custom designs available.

Unsurpassed speed and accuracy at an affordable price.

Value-line seeder features:

Unmatched speed and accuracy - Up to 500 trays per hour with greater than 99% accuracy
Completely automatic
Simple to set up and operate
Produced with state of the art robotic machining centers and turning centers

The Berry Rotary Cavity Seeder

The Berry Precision Seeder

The Berry Value-Line System

    500 plus trays per hour
    Recirculating seed channel
    Spring-loaded hinge system insures fatigue

Tapper/vibrator insures greater than 99% accuracy
No motors, solenoids, bearings, or electrical components to break down or wear out.​